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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  December 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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we have a lot of breaking news to get to in our 5:00 o'clock hour. horrific car crash claiming another young life leaving another person fighting for his life at the hospital. then a break through in the search for missing air asia plane, bodies recovered from where the plane was last seen. we're updating this story by the minute. caitlin roth checking your new years eve forecast hi caitlin. >> that is correct, we are looking at a cold end to 2014, start to 2015, in surprise
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winter had to return at some point. we will time that all out and let you know how cold it will feel as we round out the year. >> and a good morning to you. december 30th already 2014. >> wow. >> where does the year go. >> we have a lot a lot breaking news but it is a cold morning. >> oh, yeah, winter in fully penning, caitlin. >> by the way my computer is right behind you guys and sometimes aim necessity that shot trying to get this, or toy distract you. >> good thing we cannot see what is on your screen. >> well, it is just this, nothing too exciting. >> never mind. >> it doesn't do much for anybody, i don't think, it is a radar. rain and snow showers down to the south and they should stay toward the south. a few sprinkles are possible as we go later in to the morning hours as we are's seeing right now. actually the sprinkles more possible right now, not later today. little bit of rain light snow, showing up, mainly across the the delmarva. temperatures this morning 20 in mount pocono. twenty-six pottstown.
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thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-five in dover. thirty-six in wildwood. it is cold, colder then yesterday, and the day before the temperatures are starting to fall off slowly but surely. twenty-four hour temperature change about five to 10 degrees colder all across the board. your fox cast for today 33 and cold for the drive-in. thirty-six by noon. just 38 degrees for that high temperature later today. we are coming off of yesterday where we hit a high of 48. before that was 50's. we know that winter is returning as we look at these temperatures. your new years eve forecast 27 degrees at midnight wednesday as we transition into 2015, clear, not looking at any wet weather, it is dry but also very cold that cold weather will last through mummers day parade on new years take, we will that have still ahead in your seven day forecast but for first good morning to you bob kelly good morning, caitlin. 5:02 on this tuesday morning. we have an accident in bucks county. southbound lanes of route one on the pennsylvania side of river road on route 32 there.
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it looks like the crash in the actual median between both north and southbound lanes. so traffic is getting by. it is that stretch, you have overhead street lamps there. police lights will catch you by surprise. the northeast philadelphia though looking good, heading to work south on i-95 another light morning rush hour is expect here as you roll into downtown. let's roll video from the news van on the scene of this accident that occurred earlier this morning on route 309 corridor near toll gate road. not that far from quakertown. it took down telephone pole. there is also down wires across the roadway, and that has a power crew on the scene. so that is going to take a little while. i think it will impact beginning of the morning rush hour as we go back to my maps here route 309 at toll gate road just before 663 use the old bethlehem pike as the alternate. for gang leaving south jersey they are wrapping it up on the 42 freeway, still two lanes blocked approaching 295 but we should be ready to roll there
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any minute there back to normal heading in toward philadelphia bridges look fine and mass transit running with no delays chris and dawn back over to you. breaking news this morning, the search for the missing air asia flight 8501 taking a really grim turn. crews found several bodies floating in the water near where that plane was last seen. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live from the news room with the very latest on what you are finding out good morning jen. >> good morning. >> reporter: officialness indonesia are report ago this six bodies have been spotted in the java sea, three of been recovered so far this discovery comes as hundreds of search crews have been endlessly scouring waters for any sign of wreckage. several pieces of debris have also been spotted in this sea. the debris need to be examined to confirm if it is related to the missing air asia a plane. as news spread that body has been spotted in the water, family members of the 162 passengers on board flight
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5801 sat together at the local airport and watched graphic details unfold on television. many screamed, broke down. one man collapsed and was russia way on a stretcher. the the plane disappeared sunday morning on its way from indonesia to singapore after it even counterd bad weather. the pilot requested to alter his route. he was denied, because of air traffic in the area moments later radar contact was lost no distress call was ever made. >> it tells me a couple things. it tells me within that either something catastrophic happened in the air that pilots had in knowledge of or could have done anything about or secondly it could have have been something where pilots were focused on trying to fly that aircraft and just never got a hold of it again and crash in the ocean. >> reporter: this is latest in the series of air travel incidents in south east asia malaysia airlines flight 370 went missing in march with 239 people on board. in july malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down over ukraine killing all 298
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passengers and crew. so the latest in the search for air asia flight 8501 officials are telling local reporters that bodies have been spotted in the java sea near where this missing air asia flight was last seen. so far three of been recovered. chris and dawn. >> thanks, jenny. we are continuing to follow news out of nicetown where police are investigating a deadly accident. police say alcohol and speed may have contributed to the crash, this happened around 10:30 last night on wissohickon avenue and roberts avenue. police say a 23 year-old victim was fun dead on arrival, three passengers were transported to area hospitals one is said to be fighting for his life. fox 29's sabina kuriakose will have a live report coming up 59:30. a man trying to a lieutenant police during a traffic stop is killed when his car crashes on chester pike in delaware county. now police say a man was driving a white nissan and sped off when a folcroft police officer tried to pull him over about his inn expects stickers.
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the driver eventually lost control. he hit the another driver in the red pontiac and force that had car in the parked car. the innocent man was taken to chester crozer hospital, even in critical condition this morning. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are still trying to determine if the car was stolen or if it had been recently purchase. detectives are working the the streets of north philadelphia this in morning trying to figure out who shot an eight year-old boy while riding his bicycle on monday afternoon. >> so this happened on the 2500 block of oriana street. at least that is where the boy's family says it happened. detectives say they could not find any evidence of a shooting, no shell casings no blood. police say they are sure that the boy was shot, they just don't know where, or who pulled the trigger. >> we're get something conflicting stories from family members which are making detectives suspicious about what actually occurred. >> that is not the only
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challenge. police say they didn't learn of the shooting until later in the day. >> the fact that this boy got shot sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon police were not notified until after 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, over an hour and a half later, it is suspect. >> that call did not come from the family it came from st. christopher's hospital for children where the boy is resting in stable condition. the bullet lodged in his shoulder. police say the boy will be own kay. a new jersey toddler is in critical condition at chop and his mother's fiance is behind bars. twenty-three year-old giovanni chrisiti is facing attempted murder endangering the welfare of the child and aggravated a assault. the two-year old boy was rush to the hospital on friday with numerous injuries including kidney failure. bail has been set at $350,000.
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happening today a 42 year-old pottstown woman charged with corruption of a minor, is scheduled to be in court. police say iris giveany admitted to having sex with a 17 year-old boy she met at a pottsgrove high school football game. a lewd act, a stolen dog and a shooting, a bensalem man faces charges stemming from bizarre behavior sunday night. twenty-one year-old angel suarez was caught engaged in the lewd act in the second floor of a balcony of a woman's apartment. this happened at franklin commons apartment. police say man chased would the man inside her apartment. she was able to escape. but then police say he stole her dog before jumping through a window to the ground. he wasn't done just yet. investigators say from there he got into another apartment where he struggled with the tenant who then shot him
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twice. >> who knows what is going through this guy's head why he would do all these crazy things. >> police are awaiting the results of the drug test on suarez, he is in aria torresdale hospital in, critical condition and the woman's doggies still missing. survivors of the ferry fire in the sea say that quote the the jungle law prevailed when describing the aftermath. passengers say crew members were no where to be found as vessel filled with smoke. some actually for the over seats in the life jacket and boats. rescue operation took four hours and was complete yesterday afternoon but at least ten people died, many others were injured during this tragedy. the ferry was heading to greece to it liz where that fire broke out. an investigation is now underway. 59:10 the family of the marine murdered in afghanistan still wants answer as two years after his death. their frustration has turn into a lawsuit, not for money but for information. >> just three days before he was scheduled to come home
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lance corporal buckly junior was murdered by an afghan teenager while working out with fellow marines at the base gym. buckly's father says supervisors ignored warnings a allowed an unsavory afghan police chief to live on the base who allegedly made a deal with the taliban. he was convicted, sentenced to seven years but pot marine core a according to the family, keeps stonewalling them, for its part the the marine core has agreed to meet privately with the family. classmates, petition to give this little boy ape helping hand. how he is overcoming obstacleness his life that are making his life better now.
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we have a possible tornado touching down on a lumber yard in georgia yesterday trapping people inside that property. the at least seven people were injured, when the suspect twister hit the area. it damaged three buildings at the plant as well as cars and
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other equipment officials are still trying to confirm in fact if a tornado hit that area. in our area we're dealing with some cold. >> that is right, dawn it is a lot more quiet. we will see quiet weather all week long great for new years eve but cold maybe in the so great outside watching fire works. here's what we are dealing w a a front towards the south suppressing the moisture keeping rain and snow showers to the dell marv baltimore, washington energy little too far north but there are sprinkles on the local radar there. not sure if this is making it to the ground but if you are in southern delaware, cape may county, new jersey maybe a sprinkle or flurry over next hour or so. otherwise we are overcast until about noon. those cloud are thick. by noon we will see thinning. better chance to see sunshine probably further are north and west we go but we should round out the day clear. the it will be clear, calm and very cold. fast forward to new years eve in problems getting your plans ready heading out, kid fire works, not a problem.
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it is just very cold. new years day for mummers parade same thing, beautiful day with sunshine but, cold and breezy making it feel chillier. twenty-one mount pocono. twenty-six in pot town. thirty-three philly. thirty-three wilmington. thirty-five in dover. wind are light. we are not dealing with wind chills just yet. as that cold air pourness over next few days we will see wind gusts and make it feel like the teens. so your new years eve forecast likely for any fire works, temperatures in the 20's, wind chills in the teens, clear skies, new years day itself will rise to a high of 37 degrees with some sunshine but again it will feel like the the 20's with the wind chill. your seven day forecast, clouds to sun, today 38. coldest air wednesday and thursday as we ring in the new year. maryland racial, 42 on friday. back in the 50's on sunday but with those 50's we will see some rain just rain, maybe a wintry mix on saturday changing over to rain, bob? >> good morning, did you get your fox 29 long johns for new
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years eve. >> no, no. they didn't find any big enough. >> really. i know we're expecting these because we will have a chill in the air there for new years eve and fire works, good morning, everybody. here's a live look at i-95 from highland avenue. light volume this morning. that is what we will see for the rest of the day. same deal as yesterday. we have virtually zero rush hour, and it was after 9:00 o'clock we started toe delays build during the midday. one accident on the big board here this is i-95, in bucks county right at route 32, which is river road. actually taking over center grassy median here between north and southbound lanes. overnight we had a crash on 309, that stretch still closed both directions at toll gate road old bethlehem pike is way to go. we have to restring the power before we can get rolling here. lets get for a ride northeast philadelphia working your way through neighborhoods and construction n problems or delays at all working your way in to downtown philadelphia
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and coming from new jersey north on the freeway we have two lanes blocked with that overnight construction but we should be back in business shortly there. east on 422, that within lane a available between stowe and 100, with the construction through pottstown. chris and dawn, back over to you. thanks bob. health officials in the united kingdom confirming their first case of ebola after a health care worker returning from sierra leone tested positive for that disease. >> authorities say the feel maim worker is being treated at the glassgow hospital. officials a she traveled on a british airways flight from cast a blank contact to glassgow. passengers will be contacted as a precaution but there is little risk of it spreading. a birth defect left a seven year-old with only a thumb on his right-hand but that never slowed him down. >> no, as fox's maury glover shows us johnny's classmates and teachers decided to build him a mechanical hand and now he is faster than ever. >> reporter: like most seven
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year-old boy johnny's can be a hand tool but so far his young life he has gotten along without a full hand. >> he has done very well because he was born that way. he doesn't know any different. >> reporter: johnny was been with a thumb but no fingers on his right-hand. when he switched schools last december his aunt asked technology and engineering teacher at the high school if he could use the school's 3-d printer like the one in the you tube video to print a robotic hand for john as a class project. >> first thing get him interested in working with it, it wasn't too much challenge because they fund out that create iting the hand or thumb or item or project for someone else was really rewarding for them. >> reporter: for the next nine months mark and his students tinkered with designs going through three prototypes before landing on a final version they gave to johnny this fall. the the plastic hand is strapped to his real one and
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when he bend his wrist forward the fingers curled allowing him to grab things like dinosaurs that he normally wouldn't be able to. >> to help another person with maybe their i don't want to call it a disability but to give them a feeling of wholeness or raise their self esteem is a great feeling inside. >> reporter: for now johnny is still getting used to his robo hand but his dad says it is an opportunity he won't let slip through his fingers. >> if it gives him something just an idea and strength to move forward. that is for anybody that is missing something. that is huge. maury glover, "fox news". 5:21n a fresh wave of demonstrations hits the city of los angeles. long awaited autopsy report confirmed that police fatally shot an unarmed black man in this was in august. >> the report was released yesterday and it confirms that 25 year-old izel ford was shot three times during a
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confrontation and struggle with police officers. authorities say officers did try to speak to ford but ended up in a violent struggle that left an officer pinned down beneath ford. officers reportedly opened fire after ford tried to grab a gun. his parents have filed a civil rights lawsuit and 75 million-dollar claim against the city. pet peeve into a booming business how one college student is already showing she has what it the takes to make it in the world of business. plus celebrities banning together for a pretty good reason why one guy set this up and kept it going over the course of four years, it is coming up in the discover brookside
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s and p500 did edge up to another record close. it was a two-point inn christ to end at 2090. dow jones dipped 15 points ending the session with the winning streak and happening at 18,038. nasdaq rose less than a point to land at 4806. so looking at the day ahead the conference board consumer confidence index, in december is expected to be out today. we will keep an eye on that. netflix is releasing a special fake count down, you can watch with your kids to celebrate the new year, before midnight. who could stay up that late. three minute clip will be hosted by the animated star of
5:25 am
netflix new series all hail king julian and the beauty, and it is on demand and you can play it at anytime. netflix release aid new survey that says more than a third of parents admitted starting the party early, to fool their kids into thinking it is midnight. >> pretty good idea though. >> i love that. >> yes, what time is it. >> midnight. >> okay. it is 11:54. six more minutes. hey china is blamed for blocking g mail, chinese access to google's e-mail service has been block amid governmental efforts to limit or ban access to the u.s. company services. g malice popular among chinese who seek to avoid governmental monitoring. google will notice add a drop off from traffic from china and says nothing is technically wrong, on google's end. talk about one girl who is truly cleaning up. >> a self proclaimed neat
5:26 am
freak, par laying her passion for cleanliness into a booming business and she's a young girl. meet christine, a student at the university of florida, and she founded a cleaning business called student maids. entrepreneur said she got the idea of the student cleaning service when she needed machine toy buy a pricey pair of jeans that her parents said no, we are in the paying for it. she said in one had much faith in her business but it did take off. >> i was a finance major, and over and offer again people would say why are you starting a cleaning business. it doesn't make sense. >> she started the business five years ago and since then she has hired hundreds of students get a job, student maids are tested with the company's core value. they have to have a g pa of 3.5 and higher and she hires men and women. on a good day they can earn 90 to a hundred dollars. >> not bad. parents are scrambling to find a new place for their students to go to school after the walter palmer charter school abruptly decides to
5:27 am
close. what philadelphia is doing to help these students find a school to get to. president owe bam makes an important phone call after his golf plans interrupted a wedding. what he had to say to the couple.
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>> reporter: a car full of young people veers off the road and what happens next is gruesome what police say they found inside the car that may have led to the crash chris. and more breaking news right now bodies recovered in the search area for missing air asia plane but first our caitlin roth is tracking your new years eve weather. >> a cold new years eve forecast chris thanks so much. good morning to you. we are looking at temperatures and wind chills that we have in the seen in weeks. get ready to bundle up as you head out the next couple of days, that is coming up next. and too high too low but matthew was a cutest little boy. >> hard break in a local community after a little boy is struck and killed by a police cruiser. how residents are rallying around the grief stricken family and what you can do to help. good day everybody. it is tuesday december 30th 2014. we have another day and a half
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to create your new years resolution. >> yes, do you have any. >> no. >> you don't do them either. >> no. >> i do. >> what is your resolution. >> they are boring but it is okay. i am going to try to be organized. i'm very disorganized. i will try to be more organized in 2015. we will see how it goes. >> i like those, dawn it is ones more specific like have seven servings of vegetables every day that are so much harder to stick by. keep it vague, then you are good. i normally don't do them. i just think is what the point. the let start off with bows stop buddy. he is on christmas vacation still at home tree at home still decorated at his house but as he heads out bundle up good heavy fox 29 parka and hat on. gloves too. maybe even a scoff because temperatures are colder then they have been in quite sometime. right now, the the number of the day is seven. positive, well even colder that is a negative.
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we will flip those. afternoon sunshine it should be dry but it is cold and those early clouds will make it feel chillier. outside right now at the the airport in the background here you can see that camera shaking around, northeast wind at 10 miles an hour. thirty-three is the air temperature but it feels like 25. your fox cast for today 38 degrees. yesterday we hit 48. so already seeing that drop off continue, clouds to sunshine and colder, for tonight, we will be even colder as well. 25 degrees the overnight low temperature and very chilly. we will have the latest on new years eve coming up as well as your seven day forecast. any resolutions. >> no, i'm the same with you. forget bit. it last for a day or two anyway. 5:32. good morning. live look at the benny coming into downtown philadelphia, no problems at all from the camden side of the ben franklin bridge. heading into center city philadelphia one accident up here in bucks county. it looks like they have just cleared it out of the way they have been working on it in the grassy median along i-95 near river road, as we say good morning to bucks
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county folks heading north bound up and over the bridge as we work our way into new jersey. a crash on route 309, let's role some video from the news van that arrived on the scene there right after it happened. it happened earlier this morning, after midnight, and it involved a vehicle fire also took down that telephone pole, as a part of the crash and there is actually power lines, across the roadways. so route 309 closed in both directions, this morning just south of route 663. up there in quakertown. as we come back to the maps the best bet would be the old bethlehem pike and until we can get wires taken up. we have a power crew on the scene there. again, that is just south of quakertown. rest of the majors route 422 202 off to a good start. as we go south from i-95 from the airport area down into delaware county, no problems up and down the i-95 corridor. road are dry this morning. so that is good news. if you are heading down towards the airport, to maybe catch a flight out of philadelphia international for new years you are in good
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shape n delays at all on arrivals and departures and mass trans ate cross the board looking fine as well chris and dawn, back to you as well. 5:34. indonesia officials say they have recovered several bodies floating in the waters near the place where the plane air asia plane, was last seen. this discovery comes as hundreds of search crews have been endlessly scouring the the waters for any sign of wreckage. jennifer joyce is tracking very latest, she will be back with a live report in about 15 to 20 minutes. more breaking news this morning, police say alcohol, speed, may have played a role in the deadly accident in nicetown. >> fox 29's a sabina kuriakose is live now on the scene with the very latest, sabina good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this is roberts avenue. this is off ramp off of the boulevard north bound and take a look behind me you can see cones, police tape still there from where the the car went off the road. investigators say silver 2013 ford is a brand new car that came flying off the ramp and going so fast the driver could
5:35 am
not make a curve in the road there and instead flying in the tell even if pole and breaking it cleanly in half. we have video from the scene to show you, you can see the roof of that car clear off windshield totally shattered and caved in. the driver is a 23 year-old woman hoist dead injuries gruesome, police say she was tea capitated. front seat passenger a 24 year-old man is fighting for his life in critical condition at einstein with a broken arm broken leg and severe trauma to his face. new two back seat passengers a man and a woman are very lucky, when lou at that video to both be alive. they are stable at temple hospital. one of them is pregnant. police say all of this is as a result of the terrible decisions. they found alcohol in the car and they say that speeding was also a factor, and the pregnant with man and her baby are expected to survive and here chief inspector scott the small talking to us at the
5:36 am
scene. >> at this time, i don't believe there is any complications with the pregnancy. she was in the back seat when police arrived, she was out of the car walking and talking, conscious, she seemed fine. medics took her to temple hospital to get check out. but, her and the male passengers were both in the back seat, both age 24, they a appeared to be okay. so right now they are both listed in stable condition. it appears that the individual in the front seat the female driver was killed and the front seat male passenger has some severe trauma and cuts to the face and broken arm and he is in critical condition. >> reporter: you can just hear the car horn going off it appears a car alarm was going off after that crash. back here live right now investigators are working to determine whether any of those passengers were wearing their seat belts. that is very latest here, chris and dawn back to you.
5:37 am
>> sabina, thank you. 5:36. growing memorial marks place where a ten year-old boy lost his life after being hit and killed by a franklin township police patrol car. >> so sad, the the family says matthew mccloskey was crossing delsea drive sunday night with two of his friend on his way to a sleep over, when he was hit by a patrol car. the other boy escaped injury but the fifth grader matthew was killed. his three siblings and his single mother obviously devastated and grieving. family and friend are letting the community know how they can help. >> you care to the come and matthew mccloskey memorial fun. so if the community would like to show their support, that is the way we could use their support right now. >> gloucester county prosecutor's office is continuing to investigate, that accident. well, first it was high school, now middle and elementary school portion of the walter palmer charter school, what it is telling
5:38 am
students they have to find somewhere else to go, how philadelphia is trying to step in and help. then one guy gets tons of celebrities to record themselves, all he did throughout his four years, how his hard work came together for something that he will remember for the rest of his life, it is coming up in the trend.
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flyers have dropped two games in a row. latest loss at the hand of the coyoties. air zone beat flyers four-two. steve mason was in the goal. he took the loss. it is first time he is back after missing a couple weeks with an injury. for the rest of the night in sports here's howard i'm howard eskin. the season officially came to a close for eagles players on sunday and season end with a win. it is in the a success when not in the playoffs. ten wins is no the good enough this year. day after the the season is over, not fun either. when you don't make playoffs players packing up for in some cases the last time in that locker room with their teammates. there will be at least 15 players in the likely back, as far as head coach, what cost he look at in his own evaluation? >> everything. i don't think i think everybody has to be very self aware of what they need to do. i think as you gain more experience you get better. hopefully you get better because you learn from your
5:42 am
past mistakes but part of it is going through a process and really analyzing each situation. >> and he may be a terrific player but a terrible human being. sue suspended for the the playoffs for intentionally trying to injure aaron rodgers on sunday. that is sports in a minute i'm howard eskin. president obama getting some this morning after his golf game interrupts the most important day of one woman's life, what he did to try to
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coming up at 5:45, we have breaking news on the missing air asia flight 8501. bodies have been found floating in the the waters near the place where the plane was last spotted, at least 30 ships, 15 aircraft, and seven helicopters are involve in the active search at this point. of course we will keep a close eye on this and jennifer joyce is in the news room monitoring very latest. let's check in caitlin definitely feeling winter-like outside. >> absolutely, dawn, such a mild christmas and this weekend high temperatures in the 50's. here comes return of winter. outside plenty of cloud showers in the south, even a few sprinkles on radar in southern delaware, some of these maybe flurries lit spring unless sussex county maybe some not even reaching the ground but if you down there or see flurry or sprinkle through morning hours. temperatures much cold they are morning, 28 allentown as well as reading.
5:46 am
twenty-seven lancaster. just above freezing mark in philadelphia. thirty-five in dover. thirty-six in wildwood. a lot of our wind are calm across our area 10 miles an hour wind here in philadelphia, that is not much higher down toward south jersey, just that cold air pouring from the north it is not too gusty just yet but enough to drop those wind chills in the teens and 20's. feels like 12 in the poconos, 25 in philadelphia of course, up in the mountains again now cool again to produce some snow. 38 degrees will be the high temperatures today, included to some sunshine. it will be like yesterday, we will spend much of the morning overcast thinning speculator in the day north and west. colder with that high of 38. that is today tomorrow even chillier, new years eve sunny but only 34 degrees. it will be windy both wednesday and thursday, new years day so expect the cold expect wind chills but expect the dry, clear weather to take us through first day of 2015. sun and included on friday late mix is possible, on saturday, the cold air is
5:47 am
first, but then as precipitation moves in we are expect to warm up, it looks like rain on sunday and we will clear out and cool down as we head toward monday. that is your seven day forecast. lets check the roads with bob. >> 5:47. definitely colder there i want to you wear your extra warm golden slippers this morning. i-95 north through construction zone here, we are seeing some volume but i think we will have a same deal we had yesterday, a lighter than normal morning rush hour some will folks are heading to work that don't have yams in the traffic cams that we would typically have at 5:47 on a tuesday. live look at the bend friday south jersey toll plaza, in problems in or out of the city this morning up and over ben franklin route 309 still closed at toll gate road from that early morning crash of the old bethlehem pike is the the best bet. rest of the majors in good shape, schuylkill expressway dry, in problems i-95 looking good into downtown regional rail lines are operating on a regular weekday schedule today and if we are
5:48 am
heading up to the big apple to watch the ball drop new jersey transit says they are ready for you, extra services for new york city from ten to noon. i don't know why they are giving you two extra hearst but there you go both today and tomorrow extra irv zest heading up to new york, chris and dawn back over to you. thanks bob. >> president obama's golf game evidently interrupting wedding plans in hawaii. >> military couple they are stationed in hawaii scheduled to get married on a military golf course with beautiful ocean views near the president's vacation home but following saturday's rehearsal they have learn that they had to move the party the ceremony, reportedly moved to another part of the golf course and that often even has better views. the president called the couple and apologize and they say he was really funny and nice on the phone. philadelphia parents are scrambling to find another place for their children to go to school they found out just a few days ago that the walter palmer middle school is
5:49 am
shutting down, tomorrow, a small but vocal group of parents held what they called a curb side meeting outside northern liberties school last night. they are angry that pennsylvania palmer administrators decided to abruptly close the school over holiday break these parents plan to send a message to the department of education some students joining in as well. >> i learned a lot here and i will miss my teachers and my friend. >> when she first came here she was below average now she is performing on a proficient level. so that speaks for itself no matter how you say it is being mismanaged these kid are learning, these kid are our future and that is the point of them going to this school. >> school district of philadelphia says it will fine a place for all of the walter palmer students to go and area public schools, they have set up several enrollment sessions for former palmer
5:50 am
students. the first thinks wednesday, tomorrow at district headquarters for a list of all session dates and times you can go to my fox and look for the scene on tv section. 5:50 is the time a lot of men spent a great deal of time angst planning a wedding proposal but not like the guy behind this proposal video. he spent four years getting celebrities to help and boy did they. >> i hope you are having a nice time at the cinema. i'm recording this video message to tell you why you should marry jim. >> unaudible. >> to get you an ice cream. anyway have a wonderful rest of the night. i'm sure there will be other vehicles with other people you never met before telling to you marry someone they have never met before.
5:51 am
>> jim surprised sophie with the video at a friend's christmas party. she, of course, said yes and you are still well connected. definitely want to marry you. billboard released their list of the top songs of 2014 we will run down the list later in the show. right new we want to know is what your favorite song of the year? let us know use the hash tag fox 29 good day. we will try to put your favorites on during the the show. >> all right. with the end of the war in afghanistan, college students are putting need of american servicemen and women ahead of their own. >> at the university of texas they created a group called caring for c a.m. o they wanted to make sure being dereplied toss in the mean being forgotten. so they sent car packages to the troops that includes snacks magazines and letters giving thanks and showing respect. some soldiers have written back and envies ted with the students, business students allen decor, jacob gust and
5:52 am
andy smith got care for camo going. >> i wanted to show that students cared. i think there is a sense that troops have that elderly care kid, draw picture and stuff all the time but i wanted to show that their peers, most people in the military are from 18 to 30, that group cares as well. >> they have had two packing parties this semester for two years sending out 1600 package toss combat zones, 750ut students volunteer the plan is to expand the program next year. 5:52 is the time. a little will boy sees his dreams coming true and it actually happened by accident how a group of strangers across the country trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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incoming freshman at mit are in for a big, treat, not thanks to up are class man who created this wooden roller coaster, on campus the construction of the roller coaster is getting lots of views on you tube. you can watch that. pretty cool. >> really neat. >> 5:55. the the chester county boy wanted to go on a hunting trip right, so he signed up for this county hunting trip.
5:56 am
>> is there only one problem the camp was for children in chester county chester county pennsylvania, there is chester county, south carolina and that is where the camp was but his dream didn't die. alex collins were to the the chester county sheriff's office asking to be on the hunting trip but what he didn't know was he was riding to a county 500 miles away. sheriff in chester county south carolina was puzzled to receive the letter and then put pieces together. this is a letter that tugged at sheriff alex under wood's heart strings. little alex wrote i wanting to hunting with you, i don't have anyone to teach me. it is just me and my mom. the she's just too sick to do stuff. she has a bad heart. i think you are nice to do this. i hope you pick me to go. so, i love this, sheriff figured out how to make it all happen. >> at a time when the sheriff a said hey, if we can work it outlet get him down here. >> thank you forgetting me all of the clothes and the boots.
5:57 am
>> i just had to do it. >> little alex hopped on a plane heading to a county he is only familiar with by name. trip was paid for by both count toys give little alex the experience of the life time sheriff alex hopes his little friend will come back and go hunting with him again. >> he wants to go to hollywood, california next, in the florida. consumer alert this morning, philadelphia parking authority is warning about a scam lake this one you see right here. jennifer joyce good morning to you. >> good morning. routers is reporting as many as 40 bodies have been recovered from the java sea the the area where air asia flight 5801 went missi
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
bodies are found floating in the waters off the coast of indonesia and they could be victims of that plane that went missing over the weekend, what officials are saying this morning. and breaking news, this is out of the nicetown section where a serious crash kills a driver and left three others in the hospital. one of them is pregnant. what police said played a factor in the crash. a child shot in the shoulder is recovering this morning, now police are trying to figure out what really happened here, why they are saying that they are having some difficultity piecing together this puzzle. that video make ago lot of


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